Kudzai Mchibwa

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+264 61 207 2554
M.Sc. Eng (Metallurgy) (Wits), B.Eng. (Hons)(Chemical) (NUST-ZIM)

Ms Kudzai Mchibwa is a process engineer with experience in minerals process design, materials & product development and base metal refining. Her research interests are in nanotechnology, hydrometallurgy and process development. She has worked on the synthesis of hematite nanoparticles from leach liquors generated during the bioleaching of pyrite ores. The findings from this work are useful in acid mine drainage treatment, various systems where iron removal is problematic and also provide a powerful link between the minerals and manufacturing sector. This link is crucial as it offers new sustainability to the classic hydrometallurgical extraction sequence and bridges the gap between the two sectors. The development of novel extraction techniques in the metals processing industry is imperative in view of a global decline in ore grades and fluctuating market prices. The formulation of such innovative technologies has the potential to enhance the competitiveness of the mining industry, which is one of the key drivers in the Namibian economy. Ms Mchibwa is a member of the South African Institute of Chemical Engineers (SAIChE).

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