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New Engineering Building, E3/4.227
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+264 61 207 2966
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Professional Registration

  • ECN P25009


  • PhD. Civil Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (2015)
  • MSc.Eng Civil Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (2004)
  • B.Eng. Civil Engineering, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa (2000)
  • NHD. Civil Engineering, Cape Technicon, South Africa (1988)
  • ND. Civil Engineering, Cape Technicon, South Africa (1987)

Research Focus Areas

  • Palaeoflood hydrology
  • Open channel hydraulics & flow measurement modelling

Subjects Currently Teaching

  • HDS921S – Hydraulic Structures
  • WDP410S – Coordinator Water Eng Design Projects.
  • UDP410S – Coordinator Urban Eng Design Projects
  • HSS810S – Hydraulic structures 414
  • SWM411S – Solid Waste Management 1

Brief Career Summary

  • 2019+ Lecturer, Civil & Environmental Engineering, NUST, Namibia
  • 2018+ ADHOC Civil Engineering, Consulting - Sole Proprietor, Namibia
  • 2014-2018 Principal Engineer, Knight Piesold Consulting, Windhoek, Namibia
  • 2011-2013 Chief Engineer, Engineering Services, City of Windhoek, Namibia
  • 2008-2011 Manager, Civil Engineering, NamWater, Windhoek, Namibia
  • 2004-2008 Senior Engineer, Windhoek Consulting Engineers, Namibia
  • 2002-2003 Construction Engineer, Injaka Dam RWPS, DWAF, Mpumalanga, South Africa
  • 2001-2001 Engineer, Water Catchment Management, DWAF, South Africa
  • 1989-2000 Senior Technician, Hydrometry, DWAF, South Africa


Selected Publications (Most notable publications over the last 5 years)

  1. Cloete,G.C., Benito, G., Grodek T., Porat N., Enzel Y., (2018). Analyses of the magnitude and frequency of a 400-year flood record in the Fish River Basin, Namibia. Volume 320, 1 November 2018, Pages 1-17.
  2. Cloete, G.C., Retief, J.V., Viljoen, C.(2017). Applying the Rational Quantitative Optimal risk approach to optimize rehabilitation for a portfolio of dams. Proceedings of the conference, ICOLD Africa 2017, Dams and Hydropower, Morocco.
  3. Cloete, G.C., Retief, J.V., Barnardo-Viljoen, C.(2016). A rational quantitative optimal approach to dam safety risk reduction. Taylor and Francis, Civil Engineering and Environmental Systems, DOI: 10.1080/10286608.2016.1138942.
  4. Cloete, G.C. (2015). Risk based dam safety in Namibia: a quantitative approach (Doctoral dissertation). Stellenbosch University. Faculty of Engineering, Civil Engineering, South Africa .
  5. Cloete, G.C. Basson, G.R., Sinske, S.A. (2014). Revision of Regional Maximum Flood (RMF) estimation in Namibia. ISSN 1816-7950. Water SA Vol. 40 No. 3 July 2014.
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