A trip to our German Partners

The trip was undertaken from the 15th June 2014 to the 26th June 2014. The delegation of the DMPE comprised of Dr H Musiyarira and Mr N M Namate. The team visited the two institutions of TU – Freiberg and TU – Clausthal whom the department of Mining and Process Engineering has had long standing relationships with. Some of the objectives of the trip were to explore areas of further collaboration with our hosts, TU-Freiberg as well as TU-Clausthal, to attend an industrial minerals conference for investors at Freiberg University, to attend a German – African Campus conference that took place in Berlin and to observe and learn how our partners are running the affairs of their institutions.

A number of issues were discussed with partner institutes and possible areas of close collaboration were identified. Most notable of these are:

1. Joint postgraduate training with the geosciences Institute at Freiberg.

2. Joint postdoctoral studies to be conducted at Freiberg.

3. Staff exchange between both universities in Germany and the PoN.

4. Student exchange (undergraduate as well as postgraduate) between both universities in Germany and PoN.

5. Establishing of joint master’s program with a third university in Austria.

6. Conducting joint research among the partner institutions.

7. Possible establishment of an industrial environmental technologies research unit.

The trip was very fruitful and very informative. A lot of ideas were developed and given the right resour- ces in reasonable amounts can turn our department (DMPE) and the institution into a centre of knowledge and success for Namibia. It is recommended that all ideas be fully supported both through policy instruments and resource allocation to move Namibia towards vision 2030. 

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