Message from the Dean

A warm welcome to all students and staff. I trust that you are all ready for the challenge that this academic semester will bring. The impact of COVID-19 makes this a difficult period in the history of the University, the country, and indeed the world.  The human spirit has overcome larger challenges in the past and together we will also get through this period.

I am honoured and very excited to serve the Faculty of Engineering at NUST and its community as Dean, and to be part of a team of people who aren't just about making something happen, but making something better. Engineering at NUST is a Faculty on the rise, with talented staff, a growing student population and a nationally-competitive research program. Namibia and its engineering community look to NUST Engineering for leadership, intellectual capital, and outstanding graduates who will ensure the economic future of our country.

To ensure continued growth, our focus in the Faculty must always be on three major pillars; delivering successful graduate engineers, building research excellence, and contributing to the economic output and development of the Republic of Namibia and its people, giving our country a strong return on its investment.

For engineers, challenges also mean opportunities to innovate. More than most academic disciplines, engineering and science shape and are shaped by the world around us. There is no area of our lives that engineering and science do not touch. As a community, we are collaborative by nature, innovative in spirit, and focused on making a difference. Together, we must build an environment for learning, research and discovery unlike any other. The world outside will always demand more engineers, and we will continue to ensure that our graduates cannot only step into that world but lead it.

This is our mission.

To our students:

If you are looking for an exciting and rewarding career in the increasingly high-tech world of the 21st century, engineering is the correct choice and NUST is the right place to be.

Approximately 400 first-year students are starting their educational careers with you. I encourage you to enhance your academic experience by being fully engaged with your lecturers, your peers and the staff who are here to support you throughout your journey. This is what student life was always meant to be.

Your first year of study is common to give you an introduction to the general engineering principles before specialising in the different disciplines in subsequent years of study. At NUST we are offering a broad spectrum of engineering programmes in four main departments namely:

If you are still considering your options and have not made up your mind about the course you want to study, I encourage you to get in contact with the Head or Deputy Head of each department to obtain a better understanding of each discipline.

To our senior students; may this year be rewarding and get you closer to your goal of becoming a fully qualified professional engineer. Always remember that the engineering staff at NUST are just as keen to see you achieve that goal and our task is to assist you in any way possible to do just that.

Prof Hannes van der Walt
Dean, Faculty of Engineering

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