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Office of the Dean
Ms. Melanie Kandjavera, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2531/ FAX: 061-207-9531
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ms. Lucia Kamperipa, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2362/ FAX: 061-207-2521
Department of Mining & Process Engineering
Ms. Hileni Shilunga, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2945/ FAX: 061-207-2142
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Ms. Sisi Kaahepi, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2694/ FAX: 061-207-2142

Department of Mechanical & Marine Engineering
Ms. Romarcia Descande, Secretary
TEL: 061-207-2947/ FAX: 061-207-2521

Faculty Officer
Sonja Samuels
TEL: 061-207-2016


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